Ups, they did it again!

Vincent-Pol and uMinho are the old new champions

The female final started in a balanced way with the team of Poland making good organized attacks and the Wiesbaden’s team responding with fast counterattacks. The game remained balanced until minute 20 ‘, when the U. Vincent-Pol begun to impose his pace, going away in the marker and reaching the break winning by a comfortable 10-17. In the second half the Polish team came back even stronger, increasing their lead. Physically tired, the Germans failed to take advantage of it’s offensive speed and organized attack proved unable to overcome the strong U. Vicent-Pol’s defense. The game didn’t change until the end and the Polish team revalidated his European champions title with a 22-34 victory.

It was and expected to be intense Iberian duel for the final of the male competition of the 8th European University Championship Handball.. As in the group stage game, the Spanish team started more confident and imposed his rhythm, getting a lead of 4 goals in the opening minutes. On the other hand, the U. Minho team didn’t lower their arms, always trying to respond, but the various attemptives sent to the post and the two minutes exclusions hampered the task. The persistence remained and the home team reduced the disadvantage, going to the break losing 9-11. After the break, the Portuguese got stronger and were able to overturn the result by the 34th minute. The game followed frantic until the last minute where, down the stretch, Minho’s team showed more composure in the finish, holding the advantage that well worth the revalidation of the European champions title.

It’s now time to say goodbye.
Hope to see you in EUC Malaga 2017!


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Who’s gonna be the champions, my friends?

It’s the finals day!
In the female competition the European University title could go to University of Vincent-Pol or HfPV Wiesbaden.
Meanwhile, the boys of University of Minho and University of Cordoba will disput the gold medal.
The polish and the portuguese team have the opportunity to revalidate the title.

In one of the games counting the from 5th to the 8th places in this competition, the portuguese girls of Porto and Aveiro faced each other. It was predicted to be an intense game, as the University of Aveiro and Porto are the national champion and national vice-champion, respectively. The first half was balanced and University of Porto was on the lead and managed to reach the end of the first half with a goal advantage (14-13). The second half begun with much contention, with Aveiro to get the lead until the 36th minute. Then both teams tied at the 17th goal mark. University of Porto ended up managing to take the lead and maintaining it until the end of the game, winning 30-25.

University of Toulon-Var won against the turkish team of Marmara University by 43-25 ensuring a place on the match that will decide the 5th and 6th place of the female competition. The first ten minutes didn’t showed great difference between the teams, but along the time, the french team became better. The turkish team didn’t score from the 10th to 20th minute and the score passed from 5-3 to 13-3. Till the break, the difference raised, with a 19-7 score. With the beginning of the second half a better Marmara appeared, but the difference enlarged due to the strength and effectiveness of Toulon’s athletes. By the 45th minute, the scoreboard showed already a 17 goal difference (32-15) for the University of Toulon-Var. The turkish were more effective in the last quarter, that prevented a biggest advantage on the score for the french. Toulon-Var didn’t let their guard down and continued to attack the opponent goal, guaranteeing a strong result in a game with 68 goals.

The German team from HfPV of Wiesbaden meet the University of Konstanz. The germans got better at the game and despite successive draws, arrived at the end to win by 33-21. In the first half the match was disputed and at the break HfPV Wiesbaden were winning by 16-14.
In the second half University of Konstanz opened the marker). However, quickly the german team shows how to score a lot of goals in a few minutes, winning with ten goals difference at 45 minutes (26-16). HfPV Wiesbaden leaded the game and won 26-16.
There were a few more goals on the one hand and on the other to finish the game, making the final result of 33-21 in favor of the German Wiesbaden.

Still in the female competition, University of Malaga faced University of Vincent-Pol. The spanish team started better and reached the 1-3 advantage by the 5th minute. Although, the polish team scored 5 consecutive goals and assumed a 6-3 lead. The game was really disputed and the first half ended 13-10 in favour of Vincent Pol. The beginning of the second half showed the polish superiority, as they reached the 17-10 score by the 36th minute. However, the final quarter was more balanced. University of Malaga was more effective, but they were not able to reduce the difference. At the end of the game University of Malaga lose by 26-14.

In the first game of the afternoon, the portuguese team of Leiria faced HfPV Wiesbaden. The first half started balanced. In the final fifteen minutes of the first half the german team began to impose their rhythm, pressuring high and not leaving the portuguese team take the advantage. The Germans lead the match and went to the break winning with a comfortable 9-16 in their favor. In the second half the team of Leiria was surprised by a strong start of the Germans who increased the score in their favor, making the home team break physically and psychologically. HfPV Wiesbaden ended up winning by 22-32.

University of Strasbourg played against University of Pitesti and the french team was leading the first half and went to the break winning 9-15. In the second half, University of Strasbourg was stronger and extended the advantage. The Romanian team tried to change the strategy, however, it did not went beyond a small reduction of the disadvantage. The good performance of the french goalkeeper led the team discourages and allowed them to win 18-26.

The last match of the day was the most expected, facing University of Minho and University of Cordova. The first 10 minutes had a few goals with the teams studying each other in a very tactical beginning. The Spaniards came more confident and begun to distance in the marker. At the 12th minute coach Gabriel Oliveira requested a time-out when the Minho team was already losing 6-3. This break immediately made impact, the team woke up and after 5 minutes the scoreboard was already in favor of the Portuguese team, with a three goal lead.At half time the scoreboard showed a favorable 13-10 to the University of Minho. The second half begun with a very physically game with two expulsions (one for each side). The incident broke the game’s rhythm and Cordoba’s team took the opportunity to reduce the gap and balance the game. However, the home team did not lowered the arms and in the final minutes dilated again the advantage in their favor and won by a clear 29-23.

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Go hard or go home

Yesterday was day of serious competition! There were seven games, five female and two male, and some matches dictated the passage to the final stage.
In the female competition is time to the final rounds. Today are the semi-finals with HfPV Wiesbaden playing against University of Konstanz and University of Vincent Pol meeting University of Malaga.
In the male competition is the last day of the group stage. Until now only University of Cordoba ensured a place in the great final.

The female team of University of Malaga won the last game of the group stage against University of Pitesti by 27-32, a result that gave the Spanish team the passport to the semifinals. The first five minutes were balanced, but the Spanish team quickly took the lead with a 6-0 partial. The difference between the teams became bigger as the time passed. Pitesti only recovered on the final ten minutes of the first half, but they went with a 8-17 disadvantage for the break. The restart brought a different attitude from Pitesti, however the Spanish team managed the advantage. Pitesti ended in the 5th place of the Group A without any point, which automatically puts the Romanian team on the 9th and last place of the championship, out of the 5th to the 8th places decision.

University of Wiesbaden meet Marmara University and secured the first place in their group. The german team quickly took command of the game with a partial 4-0. The turkish team had the opportunity to tie the game but failed. The germans extended the advantage before the break having fixed the result at the end of the first half in 11-14. The Wiesbaden team reached the 12th minute of the second half with a 8 goals advantage. Until the end the german team managed the match, winning with the final score of 23-36.

University of Cordoba guaranteed at least the second place in their group in the male competition, which gave them access to the great final. The spanish team won Wiesbaden by 26-18. By the 10th minute, the Spanish was winning 5-6 due to the game’s balance. At break, they had increased their advantage achieving a three goals difference (10-13). The german returned with hope to overturn their disadvantage. However, Cordoba was defensively faultless, not allowing the opponent to reach their pivot. Univ. of Cordoba keeps invincible, with four wins in the same number of matches. On the other hand, Wiesbaden has two victories and two losses.

In the men’s group the teams of Leiria Polytechnic Institute and University of Strasbourg faced each other. It was a decisive game for both teams, since none had won until now. After a balanced game, University of Strasbourg came out winning by 23-27. Leiria’s team stayed ahead of the scoreboard for most of the first half, but after 25 minutes University of Strasbourg tied in the 8 goals mark. The second half begun with goals from both teams and after 40 minutes the game was still tied 15-15. After 45 minutes, University of Strasbourg reversed the result and managed to achieve the so desired first victory.

Toulon-Var University faced University of Konstanz and before imposed a 0-5 advantage by the 5th minute. University of Konstantz tried to overcome this disadvantage but their effort was not enough and went to the break loosing 9-14. In the second half the germans got more confident, however some ball losses and technical fouls transformed in a bigger disadvantage. Midway through the 2nd time the german team changed their strategy focusing on individual marking and balanced the match (17-19), but University Toulon-Var ended up winning the match 23-26.

University of Aveiro started the game determined but was not easy to face the physically stronger Polish team. University Vincent-Pol kept extending their advantage, reaching the break with a clear 23-11. During the second half the University Vincent-Pol kept stronger and smashed Aveiro’s team 43-14.

In the last game of the fifth day of competition, the male teams of University of Minho and University of Pitesti faced each other. Both teams were in the same situation, with two wins. The home team was pressed to win this game against the romanians, to get a place in the final. Winning at half-time by 18-7, the game was practically decided. In the second half, the portuguese team reached a 20 goals advantage, but in the last seconds Pitesti team scored again and reduced the goal difference to 19. University of Minho got a significant victory of 19-38.

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