Handball Technical Regulation

* Please note that the regulations may be amended when a sport becomes part of the optional programme of the Universiade.

  • 1. International Regulations

    The organization of the EUC Handball shall be based on the most recent technical regulations of the International Handball Federation (IHF) and European Handball Federation (EHF).

  • 2. Event

    The following competitions will be held:

    • - one (1) men’s tournament, maximum of sixteen (16) teams,

    • - one (1) women’s tournament, maximum of sixteen (16) teams.

  • 3. Programme

    The EUC consist of seven (7) competition days, including one (1) day of rest for each team. The General Technical Meeting, where the presence of each Head of the Delegation is obligatory, will be held one day prior to the start of the competition.

  • 4. Delegation

    The delegation will consist of minimum ten (10) and maximum fourteen (14) athletes and minimum of one (1) and maximum of five (5) officials. A Head of the Delegation must be appointed. Referees with international license will be appointed by EUSA in cooperation with European Handball Federation (EHF) and Championship’s Organizing Committee (COC). Each delegation has to pay a refereeing fee in the amount of 300 EUR on COC account.

  • 5. Playing Scheme

    The format of the tournament will be decided by the SCAC taking into consideration the number of teams entered.

  • 6. Draw, Seeding

    The draw for the tournament will be done in the presence of a EUSA Representative taking into account EUSA Handball ranking. The University team of the hosting city or, in their absence, the hosting country’s highest ranked team will be seeded as A1. Teams from the same country shall, whenever possible, be placed in different pools.

  • 7. Finantial Obligations

    Each team has to pay fees defined in EUC Regulations by the specified date. The deposit must be paid on EUSA request.

  • 8. Uniforms

    Each team is required to have at least one full team kit in light colours and one full team kit in dark colours (blue and red are considered dark colours) for the matches of the EUC. Goalkeepers´ kit must differ from court players´ kit in both light and dark colours kit options. Each player´s number announced during first technical meeting must be affixed on the back and front of the shirt of the respective player. The number must be clearly legible (in contrast colour to the shirt), must range from 1 to 99 and be at least 20 cm high on the back and at least 10 cm high on the front. During the entire duration of the EUC competition each player must wear the same number.