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Yesterday was a rest day for most of the teams, but it was played
two games from female teams. At UMinho Sports Hall, Marmara
University won against the romanian team, University of Pitesti, by
25-36. In the other game of the day, University of Porto got a victory
against HfPV Wiesbaden by 30-28. Today will be played the last
matches of the female groups stage.

University of Pitesti and University of Marmara were the first teams to meet for the fourth day of the European University Handball Championship. The University of Marmara opened the scoreboard, but quickly got a response from the opposing team. Before long, the Turkish team took possession of the game and increased their advantage, maintaning a margin of two or three points.
The Romanians faced some difficulties with disorganized attacks, but then managed to reverse the situation and reduce the deficit by betting on a better defense and a stronger attack. At half-time, the scoreboard was at 11-16, giving the lead to the Turkish team.
The second half was very similar. The Turkish team came to win and then scored in the first seconds of the game. University of Pitesti tried to respond, but it was not enough. At the end of the match, the scoreboard gave the victory to the team of Turkey by 25-36.

University of Porto played against HfPV Wiesbaden in the second and last game of the day. The first half was balanced with two teams tactically well organized and with the first goal of the match being scored in a fast counter-attack by the portuguese team. In the second half University of Wiesbaden came decided to overturn the result in their favor. However excessive eagerness led the
team to fail several opportunities. However, the Oporto’s team tried to hold the german attack and was able to take advantage of their missed opportunities, extending their advantage. In the final stretch of the meeting, the germans were able to close the gap in the result, although, the portuguese team’s advantage remained and won by 30-28

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