Ups, they did it again!

Vincent-Pol and uMinho are the old new champions

The female final started in a balanced way with the team of Poland making good organized attacks and the Wiesbaden’s team responding with fast counterattacks. The game remained balanced until minute 20 ‘, when the U. Vincent-Pol begun to impose his pace, going away in the marker and reaching the break winning by a comfortable 10-17. In the second half the Polish team came back even stronger, increasing their lead. Physically tired, the Germans failed to take advantage of it’s offensive speed and organized attack proved unable to overcome the strong U. Vicent-Pol’s defense. The game didn’t change until the end and the Polish team revalidated his European champions title with a 22-34 victory.

It was and expected to be intense Iberian duel for the final of the male competition of the 8th European University Championship Handball.. As in the group stage game, the Spanish team started more confident and imposed his rhythm, getting a lead of 4 goals in the opening minutes. On the other hand, the U. Minho team didn’t lower their arms, always trying to respond, but the various attemptives sent to the post and the two minutes exclusions hampered the task. The persistence remained and the home team reduced the disadvantage, going to the break losing 9-11. After the break, the Portuguese got stronger and were able to overturn the result by the 34th minute. The game followed frantic until the last minute where, down the stretch, Minho’s team showed more composure in the finish, holding the advantage that well worth the revalidation of the European champions title.

It’s now time to say goodbye.
Hope to see you in EUC Malaga 2017!


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