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It’s getting serious!

After the inaugural stage, at the second competition day, the teams are already fixing some flaws and the quality of the matches have been improved. With seven matches played today, the strongest teams began to differenciate from the rest and aren’t wasting time in the race towards the top position in this European Championship.

The second day started with the female competition. The german team from Wiesbaden faced University of Málaga. The germans started the game very determinated and by the tenth minute they were already leading by 7-2, reaching half-time with a difference of ten goals (16-6). On the second half, the spanish team tried to stop the germans’ attacks, but did not succeeded. Two spanish players were sent off due to the number of fouls registered by both teams, including the match’s best scorer, Estefanía González (number 3), who was been suspended and will miss next match. The german team showed their superiority, maintaning the difference reached in the first half. The Wiesbaden team ended up winning by 29-18.

The game between Marmara University and University of Porto was very disputed but the Turkish were stronger and by the tenth minute they had an advantage of 2 goals. Around minute 17, the portuguese team managed to control the match, ensuring the lead before break with the score of 12-8. After break time, Marmara University took the lead and, by the 40th minute, they overturned the result. Despite this, University of Porto reached the match victory by 20-23.

At UMinho Sports Hall, Cordoba faced Polytechnical Institute of Leiria. The spanish team early achieved a small advantage of 4-0. Leiria requested a time-out, giving them the chance to reorganize, which allowed them to reduce the spanish advantage. However, Leiria’s effort was not enought and at the break Cordoba lead by 7 goals. The second half was more balanced but Cordoba’s performance conceded them a 32-21 victory.

University of Pitesti faced HfPV Wiesbaden winning 25-22. This game started with the two teams respecting each other but the romanian team stole points from the “Polizei”. The romanian goalkeeper (Catalin-Giorgian Dragomir) had a great exhibition but the germans managed to balance the game. In the second half, the level of aggressiveness and intensity of the match increased, but the Romanian team managed to get victorious.

In the female competition, University of Konstanz (Germany) met The University of Vincent Pol (Poland) at Lamaçães Sports Hall. University of Konstanz started winning but the Polish team did not took long to react. Besides that, the advantage remained by the minimum margin for the germans until the 18th minute, when the scoreboard had a eitgh goals tie. From that moment on, the superiority of the Polish team allowed them ro reach a confortable advantage. In the end, the inexperience of the German team in an international university competition, permited a victory by 19-33 to the University of Vincent Pol.

The match between University of South Toulon VAR and University of Aveiro was neck to neck, but in the end of the match the Portuguese team took the victory (19-22). The beginning of the match was remarkably intense and with a lot of fouls: at the seventh minute , the meeting already had five fouls . The following minutes were not so intense, reflectingit in the score, with a ten goals tie in the final of the first-half. In the second half, the Portuguese team started more impetuous and was leading the match. The University of South Toulon-Var reacted and tried to counteract the opponent team, but unsuccessfully. The match ended with the victory going to University of Aveiro.

After the team coach set the team goals, the home team, University of Minho, went to the game wanting to show clearly their main objective in this tournment. The University of Strasbourg tried many different offensive moves but the Portuguese team replied with fast counter-attacks. Until the end of the first half nothing changed with the portuguese team reaching a six-goal difference by the half-time. By the end, the portuguese team won 27-22.

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The game has just begun!

On the first game of the female competition on EUC Handball 2015, the University of Malaga (Spain) soon showed it’s game rhythim, showing willingness to win the match. The activity began early in the scoreboard, with the player number 6, Jennifer Bermejo, scoring a total of 12 goals for her team, being the top scorer of the match.
The Spanish female team never lost the control of the game, being always on top and comfortable. The University of Malaga finished the match with a lead of 11 goals over their opponents of Marmara University, Turkey.

In the first game of the portuguese teams, of the female competition, University of Porto played against the University of Pitesti from Romania. U.Porto soon began to impose it’s game rhythim and created a 3-0 lead by the sixth minute. Since that moment they never lost the advantage and reached the break winning by 4 goals. In the second half University of Porto increase their advantage till the end of the match.

On the male competition, the game between University of Strasbourg and HfPV Wiesbaden was neck to neck. The french team allowed several times that the germans reached their half of the field. Althought the persistence was mostly from the german team, the french had the advantage by half-time. Second half began with a totally different attitude from Germany. With a handful of attacks and counterattacks, it was the German team that reached the match victory with the result of 17-27.

The afternoon started by opposing the spanish male team, University of Cordoba, and the romanian male team, University of Pitesti. With the beginning of the match, it was the romanian team who had to fight against the spanish offensive. By half time, University of Cordoba was already winning 14-9. In the second half, the Spanish team continued with the same attitude, reaching a favorable final result of 29-15.

The last game of the first day was a national derby between University of Minho and Polytechnic Institute of Leiria. With the desire of revalidating the European University Title, University of Minho won the first match by 14 goals.
Tomorrow the groups stage continuous with more 7 matches (4 female and 3 male).

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Game On!

The opening ceremony of the European University Champeonship 2015 happened yesterday at Center Avenue of Braga.
The ceremony opened with the parade of 15 delegations in the competition, with Portugal closing the procession as the host team of the event. This was followed by the singing of the anthem of Portugal during which the national flag was hoisted.

The Secretary of State for Youth and Sports of Portuguese Government, Mr. Emídio Guerreiro officially opened the event and also welcomed all participants wishing everyone good luck, concluding with a message for everyone: “play hard but fair”.

The raising of the flag of EUSA, accompanied by the respective anthem, officially opened the tournament that runs until sunday, August 9.

Still in ceremony, two representatives of athletes and referees took the oath. To close, the performances of the Braga Roller Skate Academy.

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Official EHF Tournaments Calendar

The European Universities Handball Championship 2015 was published in the Official EHF Tournaments calendar.

You can see it in:

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EUSA Volunteer Programme 2015

In 2015, students can participate as supporting organisers of the European Universities Championships which will be organised in 19 sports across Europe. You may register at; the deadline depends on the event. You will be notified about your selection only after the deadline is passed.

The exact application deadlines are as follows:

- February 15: Beach Volleyball (Larnaca, CYP), Table Tennis (Geneva, SUI), Basketball (Koper, SLO), Volleyball (Camerino, ITA), Football (Osijek, CRO), Rugby 7's (Godollo, HUN), Basketball 3x3 (Kragujevac, SRB), Karate (Zabljak, MNE), Tennis (Wroclaw, POL)

- April 15: Handball (Braga, POR), Sport Climbing (Katowice, POL), Futsal (Poznan, POL), Badminton and Bridge (Warsaw, POL), Rowing (Hannover, GER), Golf (St. Gallen, SUI)

- June 15: Chess (Yerevan, ARM), Judo (Reims, FRA), Taekwondo (Opatija, CRO)

- two weeks after deadline: Notification of selected candidates (in case of multiple sports selection only for those sports)

The main aim of the Program is to give a chance for young students, who are interested in sports and in organizing sport events, to get the opportunity of experiencing a unique adventure, learning about the values of sport, and gaining valuable work experience through volunteering.

The participants will raise their competencies and skills in organising sport event in the European level, get new experiences in different fields, will be useful for the organising committee, exchange knowledge, learn about the culture of the country, get new friends all over the Europe and much more. The Volunteer Programme includes for example working for the organising committee, supporting the organizers in the competition fields (global coordination, manning information desks, communication between organization committee and referees, guests).

In the frame of the Volunteer Program, full board is provided during the time of the event (and training), with transfer from the official airport/station covered; volunteers only have to ensure their travel costs to the event.

In the Volunteer Program 2015 there are 40 open places for the duration of the European Universities Championships. Only those with academic eligibility in European institutes of higher education can apply aged 17-30 (students or graduates). The application form is available online at The applicants will get a diploma after participation in the program.
Please see EUSA Volunteer Programme for more details.

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